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New Start Program | Bankruptcy Auto Financing

Looking for a FRESH START after your Bankruptcy?
Ask about the New Start Program: A bad credit program designed specifically for those looking for an auto loan after a bankruptcy.

How can Rogers Auto Group help me get an car loan after a bankruptcy?

As a Bad Credit Car Dealer, Rogers Auto Group's sales representatives will be your financial representatives. We specialize in bad credit auto loans. This bankruptcy program may not be exclusive to Rogers Auto Group, but we boast the best success rate in helping those acquire auto loans after bankruptcy. We have a full understanding of the uncertainty and sometimes embarrassment of the financial situations in purchasing a vehicle. We don't just present ONLY credit to our finance companies... we present the vehicle, your income and willingness to make the low car payments as an overall package to get you the new or used car of your choice without paying typically high bankruptcy auto loan rates.

I don't have a down payment, can I use the New Start Program with no money down?

Yes you can! We understand at times that money can be tight and having a down payment can be tough to come up with. All we ask is that you look at a vehicle within your means with affordable low payments, so we can present a package that is deemed affordable. There are times when we could combine the Down Payment Assistance Program with this New Start Program if a down payment is required.

My chapter 7 bankruptcy is not discharged yet -- How could I get an auto loan?

Open bankruptcy auto loans: Going through a chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a long drawn out process, and especially for current car owners, there could be a period of time when you might be out of a vehicle. Rogers Auto Group has partnerships with certain finance companies that will allow you to finance a vehicle even during your bankruptcy. It does not have to be discharged yet. Ask us how and what requirements are necessary.

I'm in a chapter 13 bankruptcy -- How could I get a car loan?

Sometimes a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a better way to go, but this doesn't mean your hands are tied and that you can't buy a car.  There is a little more work involved but Rogers Auto Group will help you throughout the whole process. We guarantee other dealers won't work for you like we will. Contact us to see what requirements are necessary to get started.

*Please contact us for qualifications and requirements for this program.