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Six Ways to Save Money on Your Commute

 With gas prices seemingly always on the rise, driving to and from work can put a serious dent in your budget.  However, by making a few simple changes in your routine, you can make small savings that will add up big in the long run.

1.    Drive Smart to Save Gas
Making a few simple changes to your driving style can increase your mpg and add up to savings at the pump.  Coasting down hills, avoiding extreme acceleration, and staying under 65 mph on the freeway can lower fuel consumption.  Using your heat and air conditioning sparingly and lightening your cargo load can help too.

2.    Carpool
Ridesharing is one of the most obvious ways to save money on your commute.  Team up with a coworker who lives near you, and you can cut your commuting costs in half by taking turns driving to work.  This tactic is also nicer on the environment as it means fewer cars on the road and fewer emissions in the atmosphere.

3.    Customize Your Schedule
Driving in stop-and-go rush hour traffic can burn more gas and mean wore wear on your car.  If your schedule is flexible, consider commuting during times of lighter traffic.  Other scheduling flexibility options including telecommuting one day per week, or working extended hours in a 4-day week, both translating into one less day of driving back and forth to the office.

4.    Find the Cheapest Gas
Doing a little detective work on the cheapest gas along your commuting route can make a big difference when you're filling up your tank.  Check out gas price websites like gasbuddy.com or gaspricewatch.com, or scout prices while you're driving.  Every cent helps!

5.    Reduce Tolls
If your commute uses a toll road, be sure you aren't paying more than you need to.  Most toll systems offer in-car passes that not only make the toll stop quicker, but often offer a discount.  You might even be able to find an alternate route that gets you there just as fast, but avoids the fees.

6.    Don't Pay Too Much for Parking
If your workplace doesn't offer free parking, your daily parking costs can surely add up.  Do a little detective work to make sure the option you've chosen is your best deal.  The lot one block away might save you a significant chunk of change per month.
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